Introducing ReelTrain

Efficiently empower your workforce with fast-track reel micro-learning while maintaining uncompromised quality. 

Our software revolutionizes learning through an internal social feed, aligning with modern learning preferences.

ReelTrain Benefits Your Employees

  • Swiftly create engaging internal social posts on a mobile device for rapid knowledge transfer
  • Record posts on-the-fly or link to content from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and Instagram
  • Ensure post quality through moderation before publishing to the employee’s feed
  • Streamline onboarding by enrolling new users via email and text.
  • Make informed decisions using real-time data and workforce feedback
  • Enhance communication with auto text/email notifications to clear the feed
  • Foster a communication channel between employees and management for support, rewards and ongoing engagement

Unlock Your Entire Organization’s Potential with ReelTrain

ReelTrain is an internal social feed for your company to engage learning, communicate, recognize, reward, and unify your entire workforce from within.

ONE Place
ONE Metric


Unify your entire organization on one Reel Team Feed.

Seamless learning & talent development.

Streamline communication and promote internal organizational health.

How it Works

ReelTrain is your very own Internal Company Social Engagement,  Video Posts Feed & Talent Development Solution for Your Entire Workforce.

Effortlessly Craft Feed Posts in Minutes

  • Rapidly craft engaging internal social posts from your mobile device for swift knowledge transfer.
  • Instantly record or link to content from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram.
  • Admin moderation and review before publishing to the feed.
  • Easily enroll new users via email & text.
  • Assign training reel visibility based on area, location, and role.
  • Enjoy a familiar scrollable social feed environment for consumption.
  • Receive auto text/email notifications to clear your feed.

Recognize, Reward, Promote, & Manage Employee Engagement

  • Easily Gamified to Encourage Learning & Recognition.
  • Exchange shout-outs, points, awards, and badges among employees.
  • Instantly acknowledge and celebrate employee success and positive impact.
  • View real-time interactions and achievements as progress is made.
  • Admin moderates posts, shout-outs, and badges.
  • Enable managers and employees to nominate each other.
  • Customize a variety of diverse award and badge themes.
  • All awards and badges are fully customizable.
Access Learning Effectiveness

  • Use Reel knowledge checks for effective knowledge transfer.
  • Instantly assess training impact.
  • Leverage the built-in feedback tool to track and maintain relevance.
  • A simple instruction for all employees – clear your feed.

Promote Organizational Health in ReelTrain’s Thrive Module

Create and customize self-help categories to shape your employees outside the workplace to more authentically instill your mission, vision, values, such as:

  • Money Management
  • Mental & Emotional Resilience
  • Self Care
  • Leadership
Management Tools and Real-Time Reporting

  • Leaderboards and live dashboards.
  • Control training for hourly employees during off-hours.
  • Robust internal team messaging tool.
  • 24/7 access to a company resource library.
  • Admin and management dashboards.
  • Live visual data reporting with drill-down options.

Your Social Feed Engagement, Training & Talent Development Software for Today’s Entire Workforce

The ReelTraining Method

Empowering Employees On Their Terms

ReelTrain transforms workforce engagement with bite-sized reels on an internal social feed. Managers and employees easily post or link to content from YouTube and TikTok.

The platform provides customizable, organization-controlled training content. Users watch short videos, answer questions, and navigate reels for a dynamic micro-learning experience.

The gamified platform allows users to give Kudos, Shout-outs, and receive and nominate colleagues for badges.

Simplicity is the Key

ONE Place
ONE Metric